From the Back of the Vinegar Bottle

Vinegar must be one of the most versatile things on the face of the earth. What else can you use to preserve your food and to clean your bathroom with? There must be a million uses for the stuff.
In my house, you'll find vinegar in use on a daily basis. It is the rinse aid in my dishwasher. Mixed with water, it is used for all kinds of cleaning tasks, and I love the tang it adds to coleslaw, not to mention homemade pickles.
Every now and then I run across a huge list of uses for vinegar someone has compiled. I do enjoy reading those lists, but rarely actually incorporate anything new. Those lists are like system memory overload for me. It is just too much to digest at once. I need information in smaller bites, please.
The list on the back of the vinegar bottle is just about the right size. I read the uses listed there as I was pickling tomatoes the other day. Some were familiar and a couple were new to me, but the one that took me surprise was "Protect Garden from Unwanted Pests." What?!
The bottle instructs you to soak rags in vinegar and then place them around your garden on stakes. It also says that the rags should be re-soaked every 7 to 10 days. With all the problems we've had with squash bugs and borers, I'm wondering if this would help. I imagine my garden smelling like pickles while the cucumbers are still on the vine. But if it works I'm all for it. Have any of you tried this?
How do you use vinegar?
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1001 Uses for Vinegar 254 Uses for Vinegar Gardening with Vinegar No specific mention of the pests I'm trying to fight, but mention is made of several others that are repelled by vinegar. Plus many other ways of using vinegar in the garden are discussed.

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