Make It From Scratch #33- From Around the World

The desire to make things from scratch is not limited to a region, a country or even a continent. Around the world people want to cook, craft and create from scratch to express themselves, to save money, and for a sense of accomplishment.

In the thirty three weeks this carnival has been in existence, bloggers from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America have shared their ideas, learning experiences and successes. I've been inspired to try new things, and I hope you have too!

This week our selections are from the U.K. and the U.S. Enjoy!

From a small seaside village near Kent
Joanie presents Decorating the garden posted at Nini Makes.
A simple, but lovely wreath to add a decorative touch.

Poynton, Cheshire
Mel Rimmer presents Ginger Beer Plant posted at Bean-Sprouts.
Ginger, yeast, sugar, and lemon that will soon be a mildly alcoholic drink. Sounds wonderful!

Bridget presents.."And Miles To Go Before We Sleep...": A Big Hit--Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas With Cheese Dip posted at.."And Miles To Go Before We Sleep...".
Cheese, chicken, pie dough, deep fried and then more cheese? Sound wonderful to me!

District of Columbia
Abigail presents Made from Scratch: Martha Washington’s Shortbread Recipe posted at Abigail's Alcove.
An easy three ingredient cookie recipe.

Heidi presents Let's Go Fishing posted at Butterfly Mama.
A fun game for her son that is easy on the budget.

Carrie presents Make Your Own Beer Bread posted With All that I've Been Given.
A frugal alternative to a popular bread mix.

GG presents All Natural! Honey Caramel Apples posted at GardenGrunge.
Mmmmm is all I have to say!

North Carolina
Karen Weideman presents Playdough Recipe posted at Little Fun; Little Learning.
A fun thing to make and to play with.

Dora presents Pumpkin Cookies and Black Walnut Dye posted at Y-2K Hippie
Two projects in one post. Bonus!

Summer presents Make Your Own Personal Care Products posted at Your Frugal Family.
Three do it yourself beauty products.

Laura Williams presents Laura Williams' Musings: Baked Pork Chimichangas posted at Laura
It sounds delicious.

Melissa presents Reducipe - Chicken Divan posted at A Penny Closer.
A wonderful way to use up leftover chicken.

Cindy presents Vcr Ribbon Tote at My Recycled Bags.
Colorful ribbons crocheted with VCR tape for a lovely bag.

West Virginia
Stephanie presents Pinto Beans to Refried Beans at Stop the Ride.
Oh how easy it is!

And From Unknown Places
HowToMe presents How to Be Hospitable posted at HowToMe.
Paying attention to the details to make guests feel welcomed.

Marco Richter presents How to start blogging in 5.401 words posted at
Tips and ideas to get your blog going.

The challenge week winner is....
G.G. from GardenGrunge. Please email me for details!

Thank you for joining us for Make It From Scratch this week. Have an idea you'd like to share? We'd love to have you participate next week! The carnival will be hosted at Po Moyemu- In My Opinion.

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