Make it From Scratch - Fall Colors

Our fall weather has been perfect, crisp cool nights and warm days. The trees are bursting with color. It is beautiful.
The Make it from Scratch entries this week are bursting with color too!

Multi Colored
Dora Renee' Wilkerson shares a yummy recipe, and a few wild food finds in Y-2K Hippie: 10/05/08 posted at Y-2K Hippie.

Heather has a fun craft! Make Your Own Ball and Cup Game posted at Make It From Scratch.

Hat Maker shares Balloon Hat - How To Make a Hat - Hat Making How- To posted at How To Make a Hat.

Vh gives us Cheap Eats: White bean salad posted at Funny about Money.

NerdMom shares a quick and easy solution to store her buttons. Button, Button Who has the Button? is posted at Nerd Family.

Annette Berlin created a Flyers Scrapbook Page in honor of the completion of her husband's project. Posted at Craft Stew.

Benderbjmv shares a family favorite. Smoky Shepherd's Pie is posted at One Krusty Mama.

Red I love the red of fall from sumac berries to red oak leaves. Don't forget about red beets! Stop the Bleeding (or how to cook beets) posted at Stop the Ride!.


Pumpkins and leaves. Orange is practically synonymous with fall!

Squawkfox helps make pumpkin decorating easy. Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils (Free and Scary) is posted at Squawkfox.

Marsha shares a simple and delicious bread recipe. Orange Bread is posted at Beetle Eyes.

Sandy Naidu presents Low Fat Butter Chicken Curry Recipe.This is a recipe I want to try! Posted at Meet Chefs And Cookbook Authors.
Mary@SimplyForties presents SimplyForties: Pumpkin Recipes! posted at SimplyForties. Pictured is the pumpkin curry soup.

Brown The leaves aren't the only things falling either. Among all that fall color you will find the acorns and other nuts from the trees.
(photo credit: lucycat )

Mama Bear used what she had on hand to create Homemade Oreo Cakesters. They look so good! Posted at I've Got A Little Space To Fill.
Leigh shares a spicy New York bean recipe in Lucky 13 en Nueva York posted at Cheap Healthy Good.

HowToMe shares a recipe for another item that you may find fallen from the trees, persimmons. How To Bake An Elegant Persimmon Pudding is posted at HowToMe.

Makingthishome is making her small temporary housing a home. This week's project is How to Customize Your Door Mat posted at Making This Home.

CzechFolks presents Smuzshenee seer s Krokethy (fried cheese and potato croquettes) posted at
NerdFamily Food presents Nerd Family Food: Garlic Parmesan Breadposted at Nerd Family Food.
Patricia Twitchell presents Boyds Bearstones – How to Care for Them posted at Just Bears and Stuff.

Green Among the colorful trees the evergreens stand out retaining their summer color. The first winter we lived here I was surprised to see how many pines we actually did have. I never noticed them until the other trees lost their leaves.
Sharee shares A good dip made green with spinach. Posted at A bit of flour.

Amy encourages us to save some green in Designate a Baking Day posted at My Daily Dollars.

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