Time to Turn the Fans

This morning, as my husband got out of bed, he asked, "So when are you going to turn on the heat?" It has suddenly got pretty chilly here. Fires in the fireplace have become a regular evening feature, but I've been holding out on turning on the furnace. It won't be much longer though. In the meantime, I am doing some other tasks to get the house ready for winter.
Yesterday, I switched all the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are not just for the summer. They can help keep your house cozy in the winter too. You just need to reverse them from their summer setting by switching the little black button near the pull switches of your fan. The direction your fan needs to turn depends on the manufacturer. The way to tell your fan is going the right direction is to turn it on and stand under it. In the summer, you should be able to feel the breeze. In the winter, you should not be able to feel the breeze.
Heat rises, but you want to be comfortable at the floor level. Using the fan, on low speed, in the winter setting, forces the warmer air from the ceiling down. This makes the room feel more comfortable and your furnace runs less. It is particularly useful in rooms with high ceilings.
Running your ceiling fan uses very little electric while it keeps your home warm and your furnace running less. Take a few minutes today, and switch your ceiling fans for winter. Then enjoy the savings and in your cozy warm home.
What winter preparations do you make to save on heating costs in the winter?

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