A Quick Online Earnings Update

It has been awhile, quite awhile, since I last updated about earning money online. I've been averaging about $200 a month from online sources. So instead of giving you all the details since then, I will just highlight a few things. There have been a few eBay sales, but most of the earnings have come from other sources.

Obo Pay - A Free $10 just for signing up. Easiest $10 I've ever made.

Blogsvertise - $28 in the last thirty days.

Fusion Cash - Received $47 from them for participating in trial offers. (Don't forget to cancel them before the trial period end!)

Almost $100 earned in the last thirty days from PayPerPost. Right now they are offering new affiliates $20 for their first post. With this company you can pick the paid posts you do.

Get Paid Money to Blog

$5 at a time. Earning about $25 a week at Pay U 2 Blog. With this company you are paid to incorporate links and keywords into your posts. You must do all you are assigned, but can set profile preferences to help get assignments that fit you and your blog.

I know advertising on your blog is a bit controversial to some, but earning money to pay off debt is one the reasons I started this blog. If you are looking to earn a little extra money, I am happy to share what is working for me, and happy to have you share what works for you too!

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A Quick Online Earnings Update + work