Awards, Carnivals, & Festivals

Thank you to Robbyn over at The Back Forty for awarding me the Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you also to Laura for awarding me The Egel Nest Blog Award.

Now to pass it on. A few blogs that make me think:
Our Place

Unfolding Grace

Mementos of a Military Mom

And a few I just find overall good:
Home-Ec 101

Backyard Academy

Keeper of the Home

Please do not feel obligated to pass it on, though you may if you like.

Now for some links to carnivals and what not I thought you might enjoy!
Festival of Frugality
Carnival of Money Stories
Carnival of the Recipes
Carnival of Homeschooling

Ah! So much going on it makes my head spin! Too bad we can't just upgrade our brains like we do our computers! I think my brain could use a little more IBM memory to keep up with all the going ons!

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Awards, Carnivals, & Festivals + recipe