Clothing Deals on eBay

Second hand clothing is nothing new for this family. I'd estimate that 80% of the our clothing is either hand me downs or thrift store purchases. Shopping for clothing on eBay, however, is something new. It all began with a search for coveralls for Kellen.

Two years ago I got a fantastic deal on new coveralls for Kellen the day after Christmas. He wore them the rest of that winter and all of the next. Knowing they would not make it another season, I looked again last year after Christmas. No luck. There was nothing in his size. I kept my eyes open at garage sales and thrift stores. Still, no luck.

With the cold weather quickly approaching, the search became a little more intense. I found a lot of snow pants, but those just don't work as well given the outside chores that he does. I started to look at new overalls. I was not thrilled with the prices. Then Tim suggested we try eBay.

The first few I found went for more than I wanted to pay, but Tim kept looking. Soon he found what we were looking for at a great price. The picture below is what we got. The seller promised that the photo made the coveralls look more worn than they are, especially in the knees. She was right.

We got the coveralls today and they look so much better than the photo. No, they don't look like new, but they are in good shape. Perfect for what we need. So the deal?

Tractor Supply has this same brand listed for $49.99 (not including shipping.)

We paid $20.64 (including shipping.)

While Tim was looking for Kellen, he decided to look for some shoes for himself. He found a pair of Steve Madden shoes. I couldn't find the exact style on the website, but similar styles are running between $70-$100 new (not including shipping.)

The pair Tim bought are a bit worn, but still in good shape. The price? $8.94 (including shipping.)

Yes, I think it is safe to say that shopping for clothing on eBay works for us!

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