Medicinal Uses of Wild Plants

Natural medicine has always been a passing interest to me. Natural medicine just makes sense to me. Creation is perfect, so doesn't it seem logical that there would be things created that could ease our aches and pains and keep us healthy? My dog knows what plant to go eat when his stomach is upset. Why don't I?

The interest has been passing, mostly because I haven't had the need to find out more about it. We are healthy for the most part. The kids really don't even get more than a runny nose very often, but I've been thinking about health care this week.

I'm glad to have modern medicine. It has its place, but I think that some of the old ways that have been forgotten maybe are the better options. Many of you know that one of my hobbies is foraging for wild foods. The " Wildman" book that I use lists medicinal uses of wild plants. I thought I'd share some of the medicinal uses of plants that I've talked about before.

Spicebush Berries - The oil is used externally for osteoarthritis relief. Infusions are used for coughs, cold and croup.

Queen Anne's Lace - Seed tea is used for kidney stones, bladder diseases, coughs, and jaundice.

Blackberry - Different parts of the plant are used for a traditional remedy for adult diarrhea. Blackberry tea is used for sore throats, and fevers.

Grapes - Use the leaves with plantain for poultices for sores. They are an astringent. The fruit is supposed to detoxify the body, help with urinary tract irritations, and cardiovascular disease.

Common Milkweed - Root decoctions are used to calm nerves and stomaches. It is also used for coughs, colds, asthma, and bronchitis.

I've never paid much attention to the medicinal uses of the plants I forage. I think I will start though. It is valuable information.

Note: This information is provided for educational use only. Please consult a medical professional before using wild plants medicinally.

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