Places to Go and Things to See

Somethings that I thought you might be interested in, " as seen on tv," um....or on your computer screen.

Weed of the Week - Have you missed my posts about wild foods? I haven't posted much because I haven't done much lately. The garden and dry summer limited the wild foods, but there is a blogger out there who is posting weekly about the wild foods she enjoys. Check out Mel's series of posts at Bean Sprouts.

Frugal Christmas - Mrs. Nicole Jordan is hosting How to Have a Frugal Christmas at A Call to Higher Places. Go see what has already been shared and join in the fun.

Carnival of Homeschooling - Though targeted to homeschoolers everyone can find tips on how to help their children learn and family projects.

Carnival of the Recipes - Christmas Edition. Next week's edition is Cooking on a Budget.

Fit Buff Total Mind and Body Fitness Carnival

World Food and Wine - This is an interesting site that talks about food and wine from around the world. It also lets readers participate by adding their stories from the place they know. I recently added a story about Ohio. It is a relatively new site, so not all regions are complete yet, but there is still plenty of interesting information. Add a story about where you are from!

Happy Friday!

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