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Have you seen what Amy over at Mom Advice is up to? She is using her powers of social media influence for the good of her town. She is encouraging us to do the same. Read all about it in Big Give.
I wrote a few weeks ago about how the kids and I had decided to buy chickens for a family overseas in a Twist to The Christmas List, but Amy's article got me thinking that we should also do something for those closer to home. Our project won't be nearly as grand as Amy's, but every little bit helps.
Check out the list of urgent needs her local shelter has. Among the list are items like deodorant, razors, and conditioner and many others that can be obtained for free or nearly free by shopping the CVS and Rite-Aid sales. So for the month of November I will be maxing out at the drug stores and raiding my stockpile to make a donation in December. I will keep you updated.
In carnivals and festivals this week, please enjoy the following:
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I've slowly, but surely been making progress on cleaning this house one corner at a time. Yesterday I cleaned the office and the ceiling fan in the living room. I was motivated to clean that fan after Tim and I noticed that it looked like something from a haunted house with all the cobwebs. How do lighting fixtures get so dirty? Today the battle continues in the rest of the living room.
Have a good Saturday!

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