Strawberries Gone Wild

Last spring we planted our first strawberry patch. We planted 50 plants all nice and neat in rows. We mulched them, and dutifully picked off the flowers and trained the runners through the spring and early summer. The plants thrived in this year's cool, wet summer. We glowed with pride while looking at our beautiful strawberry patch, anticipating the harvest of 2010.

Then the rest of the garden began producing, and the harvesting and preserving began. The strawberry patch was left to its own devices. It continued to thrive, but not in the neat and orderly way it had under our careful tending.

The picture here is what those strawberries look like now. Can you see the rows? Once upon a time there were four row among those plants.

Now my question to you, fellow gardeners, is what shall we do with this patch of strawberries gone wild? Should we mow or till in our rows again, or should we allow the strawberries to continue on their merry way and somehow pick our way through next spring when it is time to harvest?

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