While I was out....

Word is our computer will be back tomorrow. Finally! This was much longer than the promised time, but I guess they had trouble configuring something. (I am clueless in this department sorry!) I have been very busy while my computer was getting some R & R. I cleaned like crazy and cooked and cooked some more. We hosted Thanksgiving for seventeen. I missed you all terribly!

As I was going through my days, I kept thinking, "I should blog about that when I get the computer back." I probably could have had enough "Tackle it Tuesdays" for a year, but I didn't get any pictures and decided I really have plenty more current things to tackle. I did decide though, to start a list of things I might have posted if I had a computer. The list grew rather long since the computer was gone for so long. Some of them I would have posted here, other at 100 Acre Woods.

I will leave the deer stories to Tim. I may post a few things about Thanksgiving once I can download my pictures, but I know Delilah has some good posts planned on that subject too. That still leaves me with a good sized list. I thought I'd share the high lights with you now and let you pick which stories you'd like to hear the details on. The high lights;

  1. Nolan thinks he is pretty.
  2. I used my pressure cooker!
  3. Kellen got his teeth "decorated" for Christmas.
  4. I went shopping, bought a coat and shirt for Vivian and shoes for Nolan. When we checked out, the store owed me $11!
  5. Nolan unwrapped a whole roll of TP.
  6. In a separate bathroom incident, we reenacted part of the movie Flushed Away.
  7. There was a funny story about Nolan trying to not wear a diaper to bed, and
  8. Lydia asked me tell the boys to stop "shooting" her!

Those are the things that I actually got written down on my list. The high lights of my time with out a computer. If you would like more of the story just tell me in comments which story you would like to hear.

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