Will I Ever Learn?

Guys, this post is not for you. Go look at some custom pens or something. No, it isn't about that subject again, though I do plan to give an update about that. No, this is about another girl issue; bras. More specifically bras for those of us who are... well let's just say greatly blessed.

I hate buying bras! There simply is no just picking up a cheap bra at the local discount store when you are full figured. I know this. When is the last time I picked up a cheap bra that fit and was comfortable? NEVER!

Buying a comfortable good fitting bra can run $50 easy. I don't spend that kind of money on any other article of clothing. I really hate spending it on underwear! Ugh! For that reason, I wait to buy bras until I can't stand it anymore, and must have some new ones. I'm about at that point now.

Today I was shopping at Target, and actually saw bras in what I thought were my size for $15. Remember when I said I have NEVER found a cheap bra that fit right and was comfortable? Well, I must be a dreamer (or a slow learner,) because I believe that someday I will find that perfect bra with the perfect price tag. I bought the bra; with out trying it on. (I know, I know, DUH!)

I get home, and try on the bra. Let's just say my cups do runneth over. The bra is going back.

I really need to get new bras. Bras that aren't made for feeding babies, as all my current ones are. So, ladies, especially those of you who are greatly blessed, what are your favorite styles, brands, and who has the best price? Help!

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