Basics in My Refrigerator TT #18

Whether you plan out your menu for the week, or not, we all need meals that we can fall back on in a pinch. When the day doesn't go as planned, or when there really wasn't a plan, you need something quick and easy that your family will enjoy. Having these meals as a back up plan will save you money. You can put them together faster than you can get the kids loaded up to go to a restaurant.

When you've found some family favorites that are quick and easy, you need to be sure that you keep their ingredients on hand. Some of our favorites are breakfast for dinner, homemade pizza, and Mexican food, and in our refrigerator you will almost always find the following:

1. Milk

2. Eggs

3. Pepperoni
Homemade pizza is one of our favorite last minute meals, but pepperoni is also a great grab and go snack.

4. Mozzarella Cheese
Need that for the pizza. It makes a good snack too, or even grilled cheese, though it is a bit stringy. It is fun for the kids.

5. Tortillas
Bean and cheese quesadillas are a regular item here for lunch and sometimes dinner. Tortillas are also great to use instead of bread for sandwiches. Put meat or peanut butter and fixings on a tortilla and roll it or fold it. These travel much better than bread.

6. Cheddar Cheese
Quesadillas, tacos, snacks, sandwiches, and oh so much more.

7. Coffee
A must have for the mom of this house!

8. Jelly
Toast or peanut butter sandwiches, jelly is needed!

9. Real butter

10. Margarine
Why both? I posted about it once here.

11. Bacon
We like to have breakfast for dinner regularly, but I keep bacon on hand for more than that. A little bacon will add a lot of flavor to many dishes. I use a slice or two chopped up for bean soups, and green beans.

12. Ranch dressing
Goes a long way to get the kids to eat raw veggies.

13. Sour cream
We use it for quesadillas, baked potatoes and more.

To make sure that I keep those items on hand, I keep a basket of pens on top of the fridge and a pad of paper with a magnet on the fridge. Whenever something is running low, I write it on the list. Come grocery day I know what we need.

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