Canning Stew Meat

Stew meat is made from the tougher cuts of meat and from pieces of meat that are trimmed from the better cuts of meat. Canning stew meat makes this meat tender, and creates a ready to go start for quick and easy meals like beef and noodles or beef stew.

Canning the meat is simple. Cut the meat into bite sized pieces trimming the fat off. Put the meat into clean hot jars. Leave one inch head space. No need to add any liquid. The meat will create its own broth during processing.

Place lids and rings on the jar. Process in a pressure caner at 11 pounds pressure. Pints need to process for 75 minutes and 90 minutes for quarts.

No need to slow cook or simmer these tough cuts of meat in your recipes now. They come out of the jar tender and delicious. Add to cooked vegetables, noodles or rice for an quick dinner.

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