I'm Making My List, I'm Thinning it Out

Our Christmas celebrations begin on Saturday. They won't end until New Years Eve. In that time my side of the family will be here for Christmas, Tim and I will have our own Christmas day with the kids, Tim has to work for a few days, and then we will be traveling four hours for Christmas with his side of the family. All that means I have a lot of cleaning, cooking, and wrapping to do before Saturday!

It is about this time I look at my list, and start thinning it out. Just like when you plant seeds. You have to take some good things out so the remaining will be there best. None of my projects will be worthwhile if I have too many.

So, this morning I looked at the pile of recipes I had out for holiday baking. A few need made for gifts. Obviously they get high priority. I thinned out what I could bear to, and prioritized the rest. There is not way I will realistically get to all of them, but at least there is some semblance of order now.

Cleaning the house? Low priority. Picking it up and sweeping will probably be about all that gets done. Oh I better clean the bathroom.

Presents. Concentrating on the ones that need done by Saturday. The rest will wait.

Whew! I fell better now. Thanks for letting me think here!

Now if there were just some hot tubs here I'd go have a long soak!

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I'm Making My List, I'm Thinning it Out + work