Oh Christmas Lights!

A few years back we decided it was time to replace our mini white lights. There were shorts in the cords, and we were ready for a tree with a little color. The day after Christmas we went shopping, specifically for new Christmas lights. We came home with three strands of blue lights that had been greatly reduced.

The bulbs are large, and they give off a muted blue color that make the whole tree glow in blue. I think it is a nice affect. We've been enjoying them ever since, but now we are running into problems.

The bulbs get hot. I'm concerned not only about the heat next to the real tree, but also next to the paper once there are presents under the tree. The bulbs are rather fragile, making them hard to work with, and hard to store. We broke one last year, and two this year. And we have not been able to find replacement bulbs. The socket is not the same size as other Christmas lights either, so there isn't even the option of replacing the lights with a different shaped bulb. I'm wondering, is it time to get new lights again?

I've been doing a little reading on LED Xmas lights, and I think I am sold on them. They are not easily broken, do not get hot, are energy efficient, and last a long time. I have found that there is a difference between the different types. Some are one piece construction, and others have two pieces. The one piece construction is weather proof and more durable than those that have two pieces. One piece construction lights are rated for 50,000 hours, and two piece for 25,000.

LED lights do cost more initially, but if I don't have to replace them every few years it would be worth it in the end. I think I will be shopping for these soon. Now the question is what shape and color do I want? There are so many choices!

Do any of you have LED Christmas lights? I'd love your feedback!

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