Quirky Gifts for the Hard to Shop for

It seems to happen every year. I get a great start on all my Christmas shopping. Things are coming together, and then I get stuck. There always a few people on the list that are hard to shop for, and the last minute panic ensues. Luckily for me, we won't be exchanging Christmas gifts with these people until after Christmas. I have a little more time, but what to buy?

I try really hard to give useful gifts that the recipient will appreciate. I'm wondering if I should just throw that all out the door, and go with something quirky and fun. Gifts, like singing toilet paper, a bald man's comb, or maybe Travelocity Gnome for the Amazing Race fan on my list, might be fun and memorable. Should I forget the practical and meaningful, and go for the laughs?

I still have a little time to figure it out.:) Anyone else having last minute gift panic?

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