The Keeper - A Three Month Review

Yes, it is a post about that female subject. Guys, go get a cup of coffee or find something else to do.

A few months ago I posted that I was considering trying reusable feminine products, specifically the Keeper. I was so glad that I did because the feedback that you gave me was invaluable. Especially the feed back about it taking a bit to get the hang of. Now that I've used it for three cycles, I thought I'd give you a review.

I had high expectations for this product; partially for the frugal aspect, and partially for the performance. Information I was reading said that the Keeper did not leak. I do not get that kind of performance from tampons, so I had high hopes.

The first month was horrible, and honestly if you hadn't told me that it takes a bit of getting used to, I would have sent the thing back. (It comes with a three month money back return policy.) I'm pretty hard headed so, I decided to try it again the next month. It was better, and I decided I would stick with it. The third month I finally felt like I had the hang of it, though for me, it still was not leak free on my heavy days. I am disappointed about that, but really it is about the same as tampons were. Here are some other pluses and minuses.

The Pluses
Cost - $37 for up to ten years of use.
Convenience - On light days it can be left in place all day. It can be worn overnight.

The Minuses
Eww factor - There is no getting around it, it is messier than tampons. If you are easily grossed out this is probably not a good option for you. I really didn't find the extra mess to be a problem, but I could see how it may be inconvenient if you work, especially if you don't have access to a private bathroom.

Overall I am satisfied with the product. I am not as thrilled as I hoped to be, but I am happy that I purchased it. Next, cloth pads. I have an idea to make my own using some material I already have. Not sure when I will get to trying it, but I know it will be after the holidays sometime. I will let you know when I do and how they turn out.

If you decide to try the Keeper, I sure would appreciate it if you would use my customer referral id code. The code is for S. Appleton id # C5149H.

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