There is Always Something

Paying off debt is not easy. It takes dedication, thought, and hard work. But I think that the hardest part about trying to pay off debt is the lack of consistent momentum. You set up a plan and put it to work. Debt is chipped away, and WHAM something pops up that side tracks you from the plan, and debt reduction has to slow way down.

It seems like that has happened to us quite frequently in the last few months. Cars need repairs. Christmas gifts need purchased, and things just don't go quite as planned. The latest item to pop up into that list is a mattress.

Our mattress is old, but we really didn't have plans to replace. Making do with old stuff is part of our debt reducing plan. After several weeks of us both feeling not quite rested and a little stiff every morning, it finally occurred to us that perhaps the mattress was the problem. So, now we are shopping for mattress sets.

There certainly are a lot of choices out there with a huge range of price tags. So, here is where I am looking for a little input from you. Do we go memory foam, pillow top, or eurotop? I'd love a little feed back about your mattress shopping experiences.

These detours from our debt reduction plan are down right frustrating to me. I wish that we could just put everything else on hold until we are debt free. Life doesn't work that way, though. It is satisfying to remember that things "popping" up like this were all paid with credit a short time ago. Now, that we have a better handle on our finances, and a plan, these things can be paid with cash. That is a good feeling.

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