Thursday 13 #1- Deals after Christmas

Tim was off work on Tuesday. I had a few things to return, and of course wanted to check out the after Christmas deals. I was a bit leery of the crowds I might encounter, but couldn't resist the chance to go shopping alone, so off I went. Really, it wasn't too crowded. Here are some of the things I found, in no particular order.

13 Deals I Got the Day After Christmas

1. A John Deere play set for Nolan's birthday. Regularly $17.93 Sale $10.76

2. A coat for me. I returned the coat I had ordered online. It was a just a bit too small, *grrr!* but found one I liked even better. Regularly $68 Sale $34

3. Underwear for Tim. It was packaged for Christmas. Compared to the normal packaging, the underwear was almost half price.

4. Tape, a four pack for $1.49. I saw it in another store for $3.25. It seems weird to me that they mark down tape. The only Christmas-y thing about it was it was located next to the wrapping paper.

5. Flashlights. A pack of five with batteries, for $5. These were also packaged as a gift set. They aren't the best quality, but flashlights get "misplaced" around here a lot, so it is nice to have some cheap ones for the kids to use.

6. A couple of Christmas presents. No specifics sorry. My family is not getting together until the 8th.

7. A Hello Kitty clock for Lydia's birthday. Marked down 20%.

8. New Dr. Seuss toothbrushes and tooth paste for Lydia and Nolan. 2 brushes and 2 tubes for $4.24. Again, they were in a gift pack.

9. A new tree skirt. Half price.

10. A new tree topper. Half price.

11. Two boxed sets of brushes and hair accessories. One for me. One for Lydia. Each $3.99.

12. A pair of coveralls for Kellen. Not Carhart, but similar. $ 35.99 These were marked down 20%. (They may have also been marked down before Christmas though too.) This was a replacement gift for something else he got a duplicate of. I debated whether to get these or not. It was more than the gift I was replacing, and I hate to spend that much on something that he may grow out of after one season. In the end, I decided it was worth it because he will get a lot of use out of them while they fit and they will probably save me some laundry. They also should still be good to pass down to the other kids.

13.The final thing is the deal I didn't get. I didn't get next year's Christmas cards. At the store I was at there were still plenty of Christmas cards at 1/2 off, but I must have missed the sign that said, "Husbands wait here." All the husbands were standing in front of the shelves the cards were on, waiting for their wives to browse the ornaments and wrapping paper. (BTW wrapping paper was also 1/2 off, but I have plenty for next year.) I tried to look, but it was one of the last things I did. By then, I was tired and just didn't feel like putting forth the effort. Maybe another day!

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Thursday 13 #1- Deals after Christmas + work