What was for dinner? #3

What a crazy week! Full of scheduled activities and unexpected (some of which were unwelcome) surprises. It made for "interesting" meals this week.
Saturday We had a 4-H community Christmas dinner. I took a crock pot of green beans, cranberry sauce, and a plate of cookies. Apparently there was a miscommunication, and we had at least double the green beans we needed. I returned home with a crock pot of green beans, a bit of cranberry sauce, an empty cookie tray, and a gallon bag of leftover turkey.
Sunday Turkey noodle soup, biscuits, cranberry sauce, and green beans.
Monday Kellen (10) had a band concert. He needed to be there at 6:00 and Tim was going there straight from work. Right about the time I needed to start dinner Lydia (6) walks into the kitchen, "Mommy, I just threw up."
My dinner cooking time turned into settling a sick child, cleaning up her mess, and scrambling to find a way to get Kellen there. Those who went to the concert had peanut butter and jelly on their way out the door. Those (who were eating) that stayed home had turkey sandwiches.
Tuesday We had a homeschool co-op meeting. We were having a science fair and a dinner. I was organizing the dinner. We took pepper jam over cream cheese with crackers and carrot and celery sticks with dip.
Lydia was feeling better, but still not 100%. My mom was able to watch her in the morning. By lunch time Lydia felt well enough that they joined us for the co-op dinner. The juggling this day was caused by the weather.
It had been wet and Monday night it turned cold and snowed. Tuesday morning was full of watching the weather, the news and the school closings (We cancel co-op when the county closes the schools.) while answering emails and phone calls about people coming or not coming to co-op because of the weather.
In the end the roads were fine, and we did have our meeting. It was well after three before we got home. With the craziness of the previous days, a simple dinner was all I had the energy for. Dinner Tuesday was hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, and you guessed it, green beans.
Wednesday Ginger garlic stir fry and rice. Stir fry around here is made with whatever we happen to have. This week it included venison(harvested here), carrots and celery (leftover from co-op,) cabbage, fresh ginger and garlic. It turned out really well.
Thursday Salmon patties, garlic redskins, and green beans. (Yes the beans are almost gone, and yes the family is starting to cringe a little when they see them.)
Friday Quite honestly I am not sure. Vivian (2) was up multiple times last night, and I haven't had enough coffee yet to make my brain fully functional. Judging by the leftovers in my refrigerator turkey pot pie looks like a good bet, or perhaps turkey vegetable soup.
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