Wouldn't it be nice....

Today I'm feeling overwhelmed.

We are working hard. We are paying off debt. And I am tired.

It truly is worth all the effort, and I don't mind the little sacrifices. Sometimes, though, it is just nice to think about what life may be like after this debt is gone. I don't imagine much would will change. Living frugally is pretty much ingrained in our brains, and we are not frivolous by nature, but there are a couple of things that I would love to put our hard earned money toward when it is no longer going toward debt.

The first would be traveling. I love to travel, and to see new things and places. There are so many places I'd like to see. In our early years of marriage, Tim and I both thought we would be teaching when we reached this point in our lives. We dreamed of buying a RV and traveling the country every summer. It still sounds good to me, though finding the time for that may be a problem considering the life we lead right now. Animals and gardens don't let you leave for a summer at a time. Our travels will have to come in a different form, I guess, someday.

The other little luxury I'd love to indulge in would be a someone to clean the house. I don't mind most household chores. I'm happy to stay in the kitchen and cook for the better part of the day. Tending the garden is pleasurable most times. Even laundry is tolerable, or it would be if there wasn't so incredibly much of it in this family of six. But I simply don't like to clean.

I enjoy a clean house. I function better in a clean house, but I'll find almost any excuse to not clean my house. Wouldn't it be nice to hire a commercial cleaning company to come in to take care of all those responsibilities for me? While they dust, I can bake cookies. When they are mopping the kitchen floor, I'll be out in the garden. I'll find the a little more time for writing and reading while they scrub my bath tub. Oh that would be pure bliss wouldn't it?

Someday.... but not today. Today is a little overwhelming. There is so much to do, and now that I've indulged my little fantasies a bit, I'm off to scrub my own toilet.

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