WOW Photo Chirstmas Cards

The Christmas preparations are coming along. I've been doing a bit of baking here and there and have quite a collection in the freezer waiting to be made into goody trays and gift baskets. Over the weekend we made some candy, and started on the Christmas cards. This year we are doing a family letter, and enclosing a photo.

For most occasions I am not a big fan of greeting cards, attribute it to my over practical nature, but I just find them too expensive with out much benefit. Except at Christmas time! I love Christmas cards. I love the sentiments in them, and the beautiful pictures. Christmas cards really do add to the season, and they become part of the decorations in my home.

I enjoy all Christmas cards, but especially those that have a personal touch such as family letters, and photo cards. I've never received a card quite like these talked about in a New Photo Card Designs. These are some photo cards with a lot of WOW!

There are many choices of card designs, and the card can be oriented vertically or horizontally. You upload your picture, or even your child's artwork, and personalize your greeting and verse. After your approve your proof, they send you the personalized cards. The whole process is very easy.

These may not be the most frugal option for a personalized card, but they sure are beautiful. For those of us who are not exactly crafty or artistic, or who don't have the time to create something, paying for a little WOW now and then can be worth it. These Christmas cards are full of WOW!

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