A Brand Name that Works for Me

I am fully convince that in most cases generic products work the same or better than their name brand counterparts. You will find very few name brands in my home, but I may have found one that will stay.

I was asked to try Dawn Direct Foam and complete a survey about it. I didn't expect to like it. This is a relatively new product. It is a super concentrated detergent. To use it you are to put on pump squirt directly on your sponge, and wash. One squirt will clean a whole sink full of dishes.

Most of my dishes go in the dishwasher. When I do need to hand wash I do it the old fashioned way; in a sink full of water. Washing dishes without the sink full of water just didn't seem right. I used it a couple of times, decided it wasn't it all that great and sent back the survey card with average ratings.

That was right after Christmas, and I have been using it since. You didn't think I'd just throw it away did you? I have changed my mind since sending in the survey card. I really like this product. I think my initial hesitation was just getting past not having a sink full of water. One quirt really does clean a lot of dishes, even the pots and pans that make up the bulk of my hand washed dishes. You use a lot less water since you only need water for rinsing.

The biggest advantage that I've seen with this product is when you are cooking a big meal and want to clean up as you go. You know, you start cooking and the counter is piling up with dishes and you want to wash as you go. When you fill the sink with water, by the time you get to the end of your cooking the water is just gross. When I'm using the Dawn Direct there is still a lot of cleaning power left on the sponge.

Of course there is the question of cost. A bottle of the Dawn Direct costs about $3.59 and has about 250 pumps, so about 250 sinks full of dishes. The price is comparable to a 25 ounce bottle of other detergent. The problem is I'm not sure how many sink fulls of dishes I get out of that size bottle. Does anyone out there know?

I've found a name brand that I think really works better than the generic. This is a great product, and my gut feeling is that is a better value than the generic I've been using. I will probably be shopping for a refill bottle of this once my free bottle runs out. Have any of you tried this product?

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