A little of this and a little of that

If you haven't noticed already there are a few new things on my side bar. First is the Frugal Blogroll. This is a relatively new blogroll, but I have visited most of these blogs, and there are some real gems there. Give some of them a visit. If you are interested in joining visit Life in a shoe. Kim is the mama of 8 (and you thought I had a large family!) and full of good frugal ideas herself. Tell her I sent you!

They say one way to get to know someone is to see what they spend their money on. What do we spend our money on? (or ask for for gifts?) Look at our Amazon store. This is still very much a work in progress, but we are listing things there that we actually have, like and use, (and a couple on our wish lists) if you are interested. We have some of our favorite books, movies and music listed now. I'd like to list kitchen and homeschool things we like soon, and then who knows what else I may find. If you are going to shop Amazon anyway, please link from here. Help me pay off some debt!

Want to know a little more on a personal level? I posted an "I am" essay on my other blog. This was a entry for a contest. More information on that over there too.

Speaking of contests... I have a frugal type contest in mind... more details here, later this week.

On the other blog, you will also find a new web ring, " Homeschoolers in the Hills." This is just for West Virginia homeschoolers. If that fits you (or you are just curious) consider checking it out.

Kellen has also joined a blogroll, " Homeschooling Kids." I know there are a lot of different opinions about kids blogging, but it has been a good way for me to get him writing. We have made it part of our school week. Sometimes he puts assignments up there, sometimes just talks about what is going on. It is good practice and he seems to prefer the blog format to paper. I am hoping the blog roll will help him interact with some more homeschoolers too. A bonus: he actually wants to learn to type now!

Ok, maybe I should have titled this " a lot of this and a lot of that," if you are still with me thanks for sticking through my ramblings. Have a good week. Don't forget to check back for contest details!

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