After Christmas Grocery Savings

The holidays are over, and holiday decor is marked down in every store. It is a great time to get supplies for next year, or to add to your decorations collection. You can also find great deals on items to stock your gift closet, but did you know that you can also find great grocery deals right now too?

You probably know that I am a devoted Aldi shopper. An added bonus to shopping at Aldi is that many items are only there seasonally. When the season is over the items get marked down. Yesterday the spiral sliced hams were marked down. They were marked off three dollars. I searched for the smallest hams to maximize my savings. I got two hams. They were each about 8 pounds and I paid about $10 for them! There were quite a few left, so I am hoping on my next trip they will be marked down even more. These are in my freezer now. I will save them for a special occasion or maybe just use them for us. Do you know how many dinners I can get from an 8 pound ham?

If you don't have Aldi, don't despair. The concept holds true at other stores also. I just have not found nearly the deals elsewhere. My local Wal-Mart has a small section of a shelf where the place the marked down groceries. Yesterday on that shelf I found Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix for $0.75, and Quaker maple flavored instant oatmeal (it was in Christmas packaging) for $1.25. Admittedly, neither of those items are something that I would normally buy, but I'll pay for convenience at that price.

Finding deals often is only a matter of keeping your eyes open. Learn where your favorite stores put their marked down items. Ask what days items tend to be marked down, and keep looking for the deals. You never know what bargains you may find.

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