Blogging: Entertaining and Useful - TT# 22

I often think, for my generation of stay at home moms, blogs are equivalent to the soap operas our mothers may have watched. They are a tiny escape in the day. We are entertained by blogs. They make us laugh and cry, and sometimes they shock or infuriate us. The twist to blogging is that it is reality, and in addition to all its entertaining value, you can find lots of useful information out there.

Have you ever posted a recipe, an idea, or other how to, and gotten lots of comments about how wonderful it sounds? Do you ever wonder if anyone actually tried the idea? Of course I don't try everything I read either, but this week I thought I'd share with you some great things I've learned from other bloggers.

1. I'd never have even known about blogging at all if it weren't for my husband

2. I learned to make fire starters from dryer lint, and they work wonderfully!

3. Pumpkin pancakes have been quite a hit here, thanks to Amy!

4. I had never even heard of the feminine product called the keeper until I read about it on a blog.

5. I've learned a few ways to earn money to help us pay down debt.

6. Heidi's ginger cookie recipe has become a favorite!

7. Cranberry Upside Down Cake was on the menu for Christmas breakfast. Thanks Michelle.

8. Speaking of Christmas, Lis gave me a great recipe that I used for Christmas gifts, Homemade Irish Cream.

9. Sunday's lunch was Herb-Crusted Venison Tenderloin Roast. Mine was made slightly different, but using the same idea.

10. The homeschooling resources from bloggers are enormous. The one I've used most this year: Our Homeschooling Expedition - Civil War Unit.

11. Never ever would have thought to make my own l aundry detergent if I hadn't read about it at Frugal Upstate. I use her recipe, though I do process it slightly differently. This winter I've also been using her trick for fabric softener. Works like a charm, and saves money too. Thanks Jenn!

12. I didn't like making sugar cookies all that much until Jon gave me this simple and delicious recipe: Grandma Bryan's Tea Cakes. They are so good!

13. PB&J rollups were on the menu for a recent birthday party here.

You may notice that many of those are recipes. What can I say? I like to cook and try new recipes. There are many more useful things I've found from bloggers. These are just the ideas that have either been bookmarked or that I remembered off the top of my head. Thanks to all the bloggers listed here, and the many who are not, for giving me ideas and teaching me new things. You sure are better than daytime T.V.!

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Blogging: Entertaining and Useful - TT# 22 + work