Chocolate Banana Amish Friendship Bread

If you have ever received a starter of Amish friendship or cinnamon bread, you know that it is a treat. If you aren't familiar with these Amish breads they are simply starters for a sweet bread. You have to feed it sometimes, and when it is time to bake you save some of it for starters to give your friends or to keep yourself. Sounds good doesn't it?

Well the bread is good, and there are a few different varieties of it that go around. The main difference seems to be whether the recipe uses a box of instant vanilla pudding when baking. Personally, I think the recipes with the instant pudding produce a better bread. You also can add fruit, nuts or other goodies to the basic batter to create variations of the bread.

The other day when I went to bake the loaves, I discovered I was out of vanilla pudding. I did have chocolate pudding, however. I also had some bananas that needed used before we went out of town. I made the recipe using the chocolate pudding. Nolan (3) smashed up three bananas with a fork, and we added them to the batter. Instead of making loaves we made muffins. They were so good; moist and flavorful!

The biggest problem with Amish Friendship Bread is the quantity it produces. If you follow the instructions given with your starter you will be producing 2 loaves of bread every ten days. That really isn't that much, but you will also produce four starters to find something to do with. Surely you will want to keep one, but what do you do with three more every ten days? Soon your friends will be running the other direction when they see you coming!

I was given some starter awhile ago, and had no problem using it and giving it away over the holidays, but now that the holidays are over I am looking for ways to keep it with out letting it take over the house or scare away my friends and family. So far I have been freezing my extra starters, but there are some ways to manage the starter to reduce the production. One way is to feed it less. You can see an article explaining this at The Myths of Amish Friendship Bread.

Don't have any starter? You can make your own: Amish Friendship Bread Starter. I have several in the freezer. I wonder if they would make the trip through the mail?

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