Discovery Toys Up to 62% Off

Now through February 10, 2007 save up to 62% on award winning educational toys. These toys come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See what's on sale here. If you have any questions about the products do not hesitate to email me at wvtoymom (at) yahoo (dot) com. When you order please use my consultant number APP095. Here are my top picks from the sale items, by age.

Early years

COPY CATS ANIMAL NOISES Activity Board Book 1 An interactive game book - spin to trumpet like an elephant or quack like a duck. Children develop social skills, gross motor skills and can be just plain silly with imitative play. Approximately 10" x 9½" (26cm x 24cm). Appropriate from 24 months & Up Price Base $7.99 Sale $5.99

My kids have loved this book. Don't they all love animal noises? It is nice for mom and dad too, because it is different every time you read it.


Add natural movement to your creations! Colorful

FLEXIBLOCKS® bricks attach with hinged corners, allowing children to create structures that are more versatile than other brands of blocks. Set includes a variety of special pieces for creations that are as imaginative or as realistic as you desire. Create structures with moving parts - just like the real thing. 166 pieces, in a 10” x 16” (25cm x 41cm) cloth storage bag. From 3 Years – Primary School

Price Base $36.99 Sale $19.99

These blocks will also fit with other brands.

School Age

This lightning fast card game adds up to fun. Be the first to ring the bell and you win the fruit. Learn to quickly solve math problems in your head, an excellent preparation for timed tests in the classroom. A variety of game options helps improve math skills at every level. Fun to take anywhere you go. Expanded Parent Guide included. 56 cards 3½” x 2¼” (9cm x 6cm). From 6 years & Up Price Base $15.99 Sale $11.99
I had a hard time picking a school age favorite. There are several on sale that I really like. Some others would include 4 Take Four and Marbelous Mosaics. In the end I chose Tutti Frutti because it spans a greater age range. You can modify it and play with preschoolers, and my eight year old still likes to play this. That is value for your money!

Sale time is a great time to stock up for birthdays, Easter or even Christmas too! See and order the sale items or other product here or email me. wvtoymom (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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