Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Personally, I am not a big fan of your typical yellow mustard. Now, give me some brown or spicy mustard, and that is a taste I can go for. And Tim? Well, he thinks no sandwich is complete without brown mustard. So, when I was given the chance to try two new flavors from Grey Poupon, and give you my honest opinion about them, I jumped at it.

I don't think I had the mustards out of the box for more than ten minutes when Tim was out in the kitchen making not one, but two turkey sandwiches; one for each kind of mustard. His honest opinion? "YUM!" I asked him which he liked better. "They are both good," was his response. Thanks honey. You are so much help!

First I tried the harvest coarse ground mustard in some salmon salad. I liked the texture of it, and the taste was good. Not at all hot (to me), but certainly full of flavor. Later, I tried the hearty spicy brown. It did have a nice little kick of horseradish, but the surprise was the texture. It has little pieces of yellow onion in it. Very nice. Although the two jars do not reflect it at the moment, my preference would be for the spicy one.

If you are a spicy mustard fan, and like a bit of texture I think you'll enjoy either of these.

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Do you have any Grey Poupon? + reviews