Dryer Lint Fire Starters

Recently I've taken a little bit of flack for a post I wrote a year ago; 13 Ways to Use Dryer Lint. After responding to the commenter, I remembered that I have used lint to line the bottom of the tires I planted potatoes in, but mostly I save my dryer lint to make fire starters. Hat tip to Butterfly Mama where I first saw the idea of making fire starters from dyer lint.
Dryer lint fire starters work wonderfully. Using one or two of them will get dry firewood burning easily and quickly. It is much better than trying to get a fire going with newspaper, and much cheaper than the starter logs you can buy at the store.
The starters are very easy to make, and free, using items that might other wise end up in the trash. All you need is some dryer lint, cardboard egg cartons, and candles (or melts) you are no longer using.

First melt your wax. For this set of fire starters I used an old Christmas candle in a crock. I was able to melt the wax by heating the crock in simmering water. If you are melting melts, tapers or other candles without their own container, simply melt them using a rinsed out food can in simmering water.
This candle had a cinnamon scent. The house smelled so good while it was melting! The starters also put off a bit of the scent when they are used.

While your wax it melting, pack as much lint as you can into the spot where the eggs go in the carton. Wax scrapes off the counter pretty easily, but if you prefer, set the carton on some newspaper or an old cookie sheet for any wax that is spilled or soaks through the cardboard. When the wax is melted pour it over the lint soaking the lint thouroughly.
Allow the starters to cool until the wax is firm again. When you are ready to start a fire break off one or two sections, arrange a few small logs around and over the starter, and light. Snuggle up to your honey and enjoy the fire!
Dyer lint fire starters work for me. See Works for Me Wednesday for more great ideas and tips.

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