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Family Movie Favorites

Earlier this month I posted a little about Family Movie Nights. (By the way we rented the movie that I posted about then. It was disappointing.) I mentioned the difficulty of finding movies that whole family will enjoy. There were many good suggestions. Charity asked for a list of our favorite family movies.
I've been thinking about it which ones I'd put on my list, and then it occurred to me that it might be better if we made the list as a family. So, I posed the question to each family member, "What are your two favorite movies that we watch as a family." Below are their responses.
Vivian (soon to be three)

Toy Story

"Watch it?" The two year old doesn't have much to say about why she likes the movies, just that she does. I'll second this vote though."
Little Brown Bear Gets Up Early

"I watch Brown Bear." We hear this repeatedly every day. I have to say she loves it, but it makes the rest of us a little crazy.

Nolan (4) Kung Fu Panda

"Because it is so funny. The tiger bounces off his belly. Boing! Doo Dah!"... and other sound effects I have no idea how to spell.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
"I liked it when the ants went in his mouth and ate him." Am I really posting this stuff? Personally, I liked the earlier movies better.

Lydia (7)
George of the Jungle

"It is so stupid it is funny." I agree with the stupid part anyway.

"I like the flying carpet. Jasmine doesn't marry a prince because she doesn't want to marry a prince." Oh boy are we in trouble!
Kellen (10)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

"It has a lot of action. I liked the book too." I like Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe too.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"A lot of action. A lot of fighting. Mom won't let the little kids watch Lord of the Rings. This will do" Harry Potter is pushing the limits of a for the whole family.
The Dad

Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy
"I like science fiction. These are good for the whole family." This is one of those movies you saw as a kid and can't wait to see with your kids. Then there is all this language you didn't remember in it. Still, it is pretty mild compared to much of what is out there.
Shrek 2 (Widescreen Edition)

"The movie spoofs have you laughing non stop beginning to end."
Love all these movies.
The Mom (me)

My Dog Skip

I'm a sucker for movies in historical settings. This is a great story of a boy growing up during WWII.
Horatio Hornblower

Did I mention that I like historical movies? This one follows the adventures of a British naval officer. There is plenty of action, bravery, good moral values, and very little objectionable material.

October Sky

Why do I get three picks? Well this is my blog!
A coal miner's son defies the odds, builds a rocket, and wins the national science fair. It is a good story. And yes another historical setting. I can't help myself.

There you have it the favorite movie picks from my family. I can't say that I'd put all of these on my recommendations for the best family movies, but this is the list straight from the mouths of babes and their parents.

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