Guilty as Charged

Today President-elect Obama's speech was on while I was waiting for Kellen at the orthodontist. I will confess to not listening closely, as I was distracted by other things. I probably should find it online to give it a closer listen, but what I caught was what I expected; a lot of deficit spending.

This isn't a political blog, and I don't intend it to be. I'll just say that I do like the idea of people working for the tax payer money they get, and I like some of work project ideas mentioned. An extra $1000 in my extremely lean budget sure sounds nice right about now. I just wonder about the efficiency of us the government to create work, and how more deficit spending can be a long term fix.

What really caught my attention was one of the commentators afterward. I did not catch who this was and really only heard one thing he said. Basically he said that Americans are only buying what they need right now, and that they need to start spending to get this economy going. It is not a new statement, but every time I hear it, my stomach turns.

I understand the concept. When we don't spend stores can't stay open. It all trickles down from there to shipping companies, middle men and manufactures. I get that. Maybe if they would state that Americans who have lots of money in the bank need to spend it, I could digest it a little better. I'd rather hear something like Americans who have lots of money in the bank need to invest it is worthwhile causes and businesses. Instead we are told to spend, spend, spend, to keep our culture of consumerism alive.

I am guilty as charged. I am only buying what I need. Partly because that is all I have to spend right now, but even if I get a nice fat check financed by the American tax payers, I still will only be buying what I need. I will be using that money to pay off debt, and if I buy anything, it will be things to help provide for our needs, like garden items.

No one likes to suffer. No one likes hard times, but those are the times that we learn and grow. Most of all, those are the times when we change. Is a system that depends on the acculumation f stuff regardless of our bank balance, really what we need? Do we really need to figure out how to maintain the status quo, or do we need to figure out how to change it?

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