Just Another Manic Monday

Have you noticed that posting is pretty light around here on Mondays? Mondays seem to be measured by the tasks that can be accomplished between loads of laundry. When I do get a couple of minutes at the computer, it is like I can't put two thoughts together in any coherent way. Just when I am starting to find the groove again, I turn around and it is time to load all the kids up to take Kellen to band lessons. I spend an hour chatting with other moms then it is a mad dash home to feed animals (the four legged kind,) and get dinner on the table. It is enough to give a person a migraine. Do you have a day that always just seems crazy?

Tonight I'm browsing the CVS ad online, and trying to match it up with the few coupons that I have. (We don't get the paper.) I am joining in the CVS game that I keep reading about on blogs like, Money Saving Mom. I have to admit reading some of the numbers and scenarios make my head spin. I think it is one of those things I'm going to just have to do to completely understand. Since there is a CVS right next to the Aldi I shop at, I figured it is worth a try. How about you? How many of you do the CVS thing? Any quick tips or advice?

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