Make It From Scratch! - The Contest!

I've always loved to cook. As a kid, I remember making a lot of the family meals, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. The family was my tester, and I think they would tell you most meals were pretty good. The ones that weren't were probably too spicy. Mamaw still thinks I use too much spice sometimes!

My roommates in college called me the casserole queen. I could throw together whatever was on hand and make it work. (usually) One roommate was amazed that I actually made brownies from chocolate squares. "You can do that without a box?" he asked me. Now, I don't say these things to brag, just to establish that by the time I got married, I was a pretty decent cook.

even though I knew my way around a kitchen, there were still things I did not make from scratch. I still bought mixes for a lot of things. Then at some point, I would be out of my mix and need to make something, and I would try it from scratch. Often, I'd realize it really was pretty easy, it tasted better and was cheaper. "Hmmm," I would wonder, "Why did I ever buy mixes for that?" Corn bread, pizza dough and biscuits are such examples. Those things I always make from scratch now.

No, I don't make everything from scratch. Some things I've just never gotten in the habit of, such as spaghetti sauce. There are other things that just seem too daunting to try. Though I keep reading how easy it is to make noodles and tortillas from scratch, I've never gotten up the nerve to try it.

I know I am not the only one who is intimated by what others seem to make from scratch with ease. When I saw Amy's post about her first try at dinner rolls (scroll all the way to the bottom), I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to all get together (virtually of course) and try to make something from scratch we never have." Thus was born the idea for my contest, "Make It From Scratch!" Ok, it really is more a play along than a contest, but I am giving out a prize (via random drawing) and I want to call it a contest, so there!

How to Play

  1. Think of something you've always wanted to try to make from scratch. I know I've used cooking examples. I cook. I don't sew. I rarely craft. If you want to sew or craft, go for it!
  2. Let us know in comments what you're thinking of trying. It is ok if you change your mind.
  3. (optional) Let your readers know. Steal the button and tell everyone what you're going to try. Maybe they will give you some good ideas. (BTW I am new to this button making stuff. As if that wasn't obvious! If you want to help me make it better I'd appreciate input!)
  4. After you make your item, post about it. Then email me your link. stkappleto {at} hotmail {dot} com.
  5. I will post all entries, carnival style, on Tuesday, February 13th.
Easy? Oh, but I didn't tell you about the prize. I will randomly draw a name from those listed on February 13. The prize, of course, will also be made from scratch. Your choice; blackberry jam, peanut butter cookies or homemade vanilla coffee mix.

"From Scratch" means different things to different people. Take bread for instance, some would consider it "from scratch" to buy the dough and bake it. Others wouldn't consider it "from scratch" unless they ground the flour themselves. I am guessing we are all somewhere between. No set rules here, just make it at whatever level you consider "from scratch."

This contest is listed at Competizione.

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