Make Your Own Irish Cream

A huge thanks to Lis from Altered Cutlery who posted a recipe for this on her blog after I asked (begged?) for it when she mentioned it on a to do list for the holidays. She posted the recipe at Homemade Irish Cream in metric units. Though the rest of the world sees the value of metric, for some reason we stick to the way we've always done it, and making this recipe required some math. The conversions don't all come out exact, but using the quantities that are readily available here worked just fine. Here is the recipe for those Americans who don't want to do the math!

Irish Cream
2 cans condensed milk
2 cans evaporated milk
2 1/2 C cream
12 oz milk chocolate
1 tsp instant coffee
Fifth of whiskey

Melt the chocolate with the condensed milk. Stir in the instant coffee while the mixture is still warm. Then allow it to cool. Mix together the remaining ingredients. Add the cooled chocolate mixture. Mix well. Store in bottles. (I used the whiskey bottle, and some others I had saved.) Mix before filling each bottle. Store in the refrigerator. Shake before using.

This seems like a huge quantity when you make it. It really isn't. I gave about 2/3 of it away, and the 1/3 I had left is nearly gone. It goes fast.

Thanks again Lis!

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