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If you read my earlier post, Can I Live Without a Microwave, you may be wondering how I am now writing about a microwave bacon cooker. I was asked to do this review before the microwave died. No, I haven't gone out and purchased a new one, but my parents do live right across the driveway, and they have their used and abused microwave that works perfectly fine.

When we did have a functional microwave, I rarely used it to cook bacon. I didn't use the microwave because the bacon didn't get crisp, and because of the mess of grease splatters and fat soaked paper towels. I also didn't like to use the microwave because I couldn't save the fat; it was all in the paper towels.

This new invention is a great idea. It is the only bacon cooker I've seen that is completely enclosed. All the fat drips off the bacon and collects in the bottom of the container. No mess at all. The bacon is certainly more crisp than the paper towel microwave method, but I don't think it is quite as crisp as in a pan.

The biggest drawback for me is the quantity it cooks. The container cooks just six pieces of bacon at a time. For a family of six that isn't going to keep up. The website does suggest using two units when cooking for larger groups, and that by using two units you can cook a pound of bacon in ten minutes. I don't know about that.

Overall, I think this is a nifty gadget that does help contain the mess made when cooking bacon. I think it would work well for a small family, but not sure how practical it is for larger families.

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