Note to Self.....

Last April we bought a new to us high efficiency washer. In Temptation We Could Not Resist, I shared how buying that washer was not really part of our of our financial plan. I predicted that it would not be a purchase we'd regret. I was right.

Overall I have been extremely pleased with the washer. It's huge capacity (compared to my old washer) is its greatest asset. I so enjoyed washing a few loads of laundry and filling the clothes line in no time at all. It wasn't until fall that we realized we had a problem.

Our normal sized dryer could not keep up with our extra large sized washer. It wasn't much of a problem when the weather was nice and I mostly used the clothes line. When the weather turned wet and cold, and the dryer was used for every load, the ball bearings gave out.

Tim fixed the dryer, but we realized eventually we would have to invest in another dryer. We were hoping to postpone it until we had taken care of a few other things. I tried to keep the loads smaller. I really did, but it is hard when time is short and the piles of laundry are high.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the same warning symptoms and knew that the dryer was about to go again. I babied the dryer, causing stacks of laundry to grow everywhere, but the dryer quit on me this week.

We had the cash for another dryer, but that cash had been put aside for a new mattress. Oh we were so looking forward to sleeping on a new mattress....instead we have a new dryer.

Tim actually got a fantastic deal on the dryer (meaning we still should be able to get the mattress soon!) He went to a scratch and dent appliance store, and got a new (although blemished) Maytag Centennial for $299! It has a huge capacity, 7.4 cu. ft. The reviews are mostly positive, and that surface blemish it has saved us at least $100.

Tim installed it last night. Needless to say I am putting the capacity of the washer and dryer to the test today while tackling the ridiculous amount of laundry that has piled up.

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