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We saw it last year, and I believe we will see it again this year. Gardening is becoming more and more popular. Even those who are not able to garden on their own land are getting creative and pooling together to find community garden spots. Quick off the top of my head, I can think of three people I know who participated in community gardens last year. It is a wonderful idea.

Apparently, Fiskars agrees. For the seventh year they are sponsoring Project Orange Thumb grant. This grant awards $1500 is Fiskars gardening tools and $800 in garden related goods to community gardens in the U.S., Canada and Australia. You'll just need the dirt, the labor, and some seeds! What a great way to make your existing community garden project better, or to get a new one started.

Groups that encourage community gardening, sustainable agriculture, gardening education, or community beautification are encouraged to apply. If you already participate in a community garden, please be sure to let you group know, and get your application started. If you've been thinking about starting a community gardening project, what a great incentive to get it going!

Don't wait too long. The application deadline is February 17, 2009.

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