The $40 Birthday Party

Lydia celebrated her seventh birthday this week. Lydia is my party girl. She is very social and likes to do things up. Last year we had a Tea Party. We were able to keep the cost of that fairly low by doing everything ourselves, but we did put a lot of time into the party. This year we decided to keep it simple. Cheap too. In fact, the whole party cost about $40. Here is how we did it.
We kept the invitation list small. Three of her friends came, but of course with their siblings, a parent, and our family there were over twenty people here.
We chose a time between meals; 3:00. Lydia picked out the menu. She wanted pigs in a blanket, Kool-Aid, and an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. I thought it might be a good idea to throw some fruits and veggies in there. So, we also had a vegetable tray and a fruit bowl. The total food cost was $31.
We minimized the disposable. We pulled out the cute glass party plates and their matching cups. Paper napkins were used, but were something I already had on hand. It really does not take long to throw dishes in the dishwasher, and brings a big savings to your party budget.
We kept the activities simple. The plan was to make flowers from pipe cleaners. I spent $3 at the Dollar Tree for pipe cleaners. They are still unopened. The girls just wanted to play. They stayed in Lydia's room the whole time playing doll house and Barbies. Who am I to break up the fun to do a craft?

The Dollar Tree was our friend for treat bags. We went to the Dollar Tree looking for treat bag items. What we found were ready made surprise bags for a buck. The catch is you don't know what is in them. I had never gotten these before. I picked up five surprise bags, pencils, and stickers figuring I could make all that work for the 8 treat bags I needed for all the children that would be at the party. I spent $8 for these items.
The surprise bags were great, and had I known I would have just picked up eight of the surprise bags. The kids decorated brown lunch bags for treat bags. They personalized each one putting the guests name on the bag and drawing pictures of things the guests like. We then sorted out the loot, added some candy left from the kids Christmas stash, and had our treat bags.
Grand total for the party $39, or $42 is you count the pipe cleaners we didn't use. The party girl and her guests had a lot of fun. The parents enjoyed sitting around and chatting. I enjoyed creating a special memory for my little girl without spending a fortune.
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The $40 Birthday Party + work