The Birthday Tea Party - Food

The Birthday Tea Party is tomorrow! Time to get some food ready! In keeping with our tea party theme we went with mostly finger foods, and of course they need to be kid friendly. We will be enjoying the following with our tea.

PB & J roll ups
Frozen fruit* with a dollop of yogurt fruit dip
Little Smokies with Barbecue sauce
Blueberry Scones
Individual Cheesecakes topped with fresh strawberries
Pink Lemonade
Variety of fruity teas

I didn't price this all out because much of it I already had on hand. I'd venture a guess of about $60.

*About the fruit: The original plan was to make mini fresh fruit kabobs. When I saw the prices of fresh fruit right now we did a quick change. It would have cost at least $30 to buy the fresh fruit I needed. My first thought was to use frozen mixed fruit, but the selection was poor where I was shopping. I didn't have time for another stop. The prices also seemed higher than normal. The next step; canned fruit.

I bought a large can of fruit cocktail. I will drain it, and add frozen strawberries and any blueberries that are left after I make the scones. I will freeze the whole mixture, and get it out of the freezer the morning of the party. It will be a nice slush by the party which can be served with the fruit dip on top. A nice frugal alternative to my original plan.

Next week I'll tell you about the frugal activities we are doing at the party. I'm pretty excited about them, and think the girls will love them! Here are links to the other posts about that party:

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The Birthday Tea Party - Food + sauce