Thirteen Ways to Use Dryer Lint TT# 19

Had you walked into my laundry room this morning, this is what you would have seen on top of my dryer.

Perhaps you would have thought, "What in the world?" Yes, I am so cheap that I save my dryer lint.

Awhile back Butterfly Mama had a post about making a fire starter from your dryer lint. Today that is exactly what I did with mine. It really is an easy process that uses all recycled materials. The finished product.

I got to wondering, what else you can do with dryer lint? Here are 12 more uses that I found with links where explanation is needed.

2. Add it to your compost.

3. Put it in the yard for birds to pick up to use for nesting material.

4. Give it to your small pets like rabbits and gerbils for nesting material.

5. Use it to mulch around plants - You'd have to do a laundry wouldn't you?

6. Make lint paper mache.

7. Make lint clay.

8. Make lint paper.

9. Line the bottom of your houseplant pots with it. It helps to keep the soil in the pot while still allowing drainage.

10. Create artwork. I kid you not. Check it out.

11. Spin it into new yarn. Knit a sweater or some socks.

12. Use it as packing material.

13. Make a draft stopper for your doors.

Who knew you could do so much with your dryer lint?

Thursday Thirteen

I don't think you could use it to make a Dodge Charger accessory do you?

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Thirteen Ways to Use Dryer Lint TT# 19 + work