Wall Stickers at the Dollar Tree

Kellen (10) and Lydia (6) used their own money to buy presents for the family this year. Needless to say their budget was tiny, minuscule in fact. As in the Dollar Tree is our friend. I tried to steer them clear of the junk toys, and actually they did really well finding decent presents there.

They found books, art supplies, dish towels, beef jerky, and more, all for a buck. After the dust has settled, I have to say my favorite of The Dollar Tree finds was the wall stickers. They have a decent assortment of wall decals there. Lydia grabbed a sheet of butterflies for my niece (13,) and when Lydia wasn't looking I grabbed two sheets of flowers for her and her sister.

My girls loved them and went to work on their walls. The stickers are easy to put on, and more importantly to take off. What they did was cute, but quite honestly hard to see since they put them at floor level, and let's just say we haven't seen much of the floor since before Christmas. But yesterday I saw my niece's room.

She did a great job decorating her walls and door with the decals. It is very pretty and girly. It added a lot to the room. How can you beat that for a buck?


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Wall Stickers at the Dollar Tree + work