What was for dinner?

This week was a clean out the stockpile kind of week. Money was tight this week, and we are visiting my husband's family over the weekend. I was putting off the grocery store trip until we get back, and making do with what we already have on hand. Here is what we ate for dinner this past week.

Saturday: Lasagna (*venison, tomato sauce,) Garlic and Dried Tomato Bread
I did not have the ricotta cheese on hand, but picked it up on a quick stop to get milk.

Sunday: Leftover LasagnaMonday: (*)Venison roast, sweet potatoes, (*)corn
Tuesday: Cabbage soup made with the leftover venison, stock and corn.
Wednesday: (*)Roasted rabbit, rice, (*)green beans
Thursday: Goulash (*venison, tomato sauce)
Friday: Noodle soup made with leftover rabbit and stock.

What was for dinner at your house this week?

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