What was for dinner?

With the holidays and all I let this feature kind of slip by the way side. I think I finally am back to some semblence of normal and am ready to bring this back again. I've also decided to change this from a Friday feature to Saturdays.

"What was for dinner?" is where I share what we had for dinner the past week. I'm not a menu planner. I know some of you swear by it, and that is wonderful. But for me it seems to work better to keep cupboards stocked with the basics, the ingredients to some of our favorites, and items found marked down. I pull out of the freezer a package or two of meat at a time, and take it from there.

This is how it all came together this week:
Saturday: (L) Homemade stuffing, *green beans. The stuffing was made because I cleaned out the freezer and found a ton of bread heels that I had saved. I also had quite a bit of venison broth that had not yet been canned. Stuffing was the perfect way to use both.
Sunday: *Deer Chops, (L)Stuffing, *Corn, ginger cookies
Monday: Clean out the Refrigerator - Leftovers
Tuesday: Birthday party food, Pizza
Wednesday: Spaghetti, *Homemade sauce with sausage, (L) ice cream sundaes
Thursday: French Toast
Friday: *Venison sloppy joe, coleslaw, baked potatoes
*raised here, (L) leftovers Want to share what your family had for dinner this week?

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