5 Facts You Need To Know About Shoplifting

The retail industry is the largest customer for video surveillance products. And for good reason: Retail's losses from shoplifting are pegged at nearly $25 million a day, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention.

Girl Stealing

Fact 1:
Shoplifters steal in all types of stores...

  • 69% say they steal in department stores
  • 63% in supermarkets
  • 57% specialty shops
  • 54% convenience stores
  • 47% drug stores
  • 27% all other type stores

Fact 2:
Shoplifters say they are caught an average of only once every 48 times. They are turned over to the police 50% of the time.

Fact 3:
Approximately 70% of non-professional shoplifters don't plan their thefts in advance. 30% do.

Fact 4:
Contrary to popular belief, men and women shoplift equally as often.

Fact 5:
Theft from stores, including employee and vendor theft, cost retailers many billions of dollars per year. Independent retail studies have estimated theft from retail stores costs the American public $33.21 billion dollars per year. Depending on the type of retail store, retail inventory loss ranges from .7%-2.2% of gross sales with the average falling around 1.70%.

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