A Deal for the Well Endowed

A while back we had a discussion here about how I dread shopping for bras. When you have more than your fair share in that department, shopping for something that fits well, and doesn't break the bank is quite the challenge. I hate the ordeal so much that it has taken me almost four months to move forward on the great suggestions given by readers to that post. Pitiful isn't it? Well, the state of my bras is anyway.

I decided to try Crystal's suggestion of Lane Bryant, and to shop online. Wouldn't you know that Ebates, offers a 3% rebate for Lane Bryant? They also had several coupons listed there. The one that worked for me was for 15% of any order. Code 00153645. This essentially saved me the shipping cost of my order.

When I got to the Lane Bryant site I noticed there were several buy one, get one half off sales on bras. I picked out a microfiber style, and they should soon be on their way. Including shipping, tax, and the coupon the total was $47.90 for both bras, and I will get 3% back in my next "big fat check." Still not exactly cheap, but I am pleased with getting two bras for what I was expecting to pay for one. As for comfort and wear, I'm taking Crystal's word for now that these are great bras, but hopefully I have the same experience.

Well, two purchases for myself in two days, that is unusual. Especially when you consider that I purchased two things that I hate to buy; a swimsuit and bras. Both are hard to find with good quality and a good price. What dreaded purchase should I tackle next?

Maybe life insurance?

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