Another Boy Friendly Valentine - *updated*

Valentine Aliens

I can not take credit for these little boy friendly cuties, but since I previously shared another Valentine idea for boys, Valentine airplanes, I thought You might appreciate these. These were found in my children's Valentine envelopes yesterday. There were no names on them, so I can only give credit to an anonymous parent who probably has boys that think Valentines are yucky!

They are really very simple.

1. Cut out a green (or other color of choice) heart.
2. Fold in half. These aliens were filled with candy, but you could make them without. You could write your to and from on the inside. Use a small piece of tape to secure.
3. Draw on faces. These were made with puffy paint, googly eyes, and poms, but you could use just markers or crayons also.
4. Make antennae with small pieces of pipe cleaner. Tape to the inside.

This is an easy Valentine project you can make yourself that your boys will think is cool.

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** Well I must have been asleep this morning! How embarrassing to find that not only were their names inside the aliens, but that they were made by a friend of mine, who also had posted about them on her blog! YIKES! So the credit for these adorable boy creations goes to a fabulously creative mom to four boys, Mary! See her post about them at Our Quiver is Full.

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