Another Customer Service Pet Peeve

Back in September I shared some of my customer service pet peeves, and today I am adding a new one; family bathrooms, or more specifically employees using the family bathroom. As any mother, especially one of multiple children knows, it can be a real challenge to take the kids to the restroom, change the baby's diaper, and use the restroom yourself. Having a family restroom really makes it so much easier.

The best family restrooms I've seen have a nice changing table, toddler sized sinks, and toddler sized toilets in addition to the normal amenities. Hey, I'm not asking for a fancy Vegas hotel style bathroom, even your average family bathroom with just a toilet, basic changing table, and sink works for me. At least the kids are contained while I take care of business.

Family restrooms are great, but employees using the family restroom, that really irks me. It happens a lot. It happens at different stores. It is worse now that I have a potty training child. The last time it happened was Tuesday at Sam's club.

Of course I was clear in the opposite corner of the store when Vivian tells me, "Pee pee." She did have a diaper on, but I want to encourage to go on the toilet, not in her diaper. We book it clear to the other end of the store only to find the family restroom occupied. I was about to whisk everyone into the ladies room when I heard the hand dryer run in the family restroom. I decided to wait.

Out comes a male employee. I am standing there with Vivian on my hip, Nolan and Lydia standing nearby. He was embarrassed and apologized, but come on, is it really that hard for you to walk into the mens' room?! Did I miss the sign that said "family/employee restroom?" You are one man. Maybe you have a family, but they aren't with you, so use the *bleeping* mens' room! To avoid to turning this into a male bashing session, I must say that most of the times I've encountered this, it has been a woman employee in the family restroom. You'd think, if they are moms, they'd have a little more understanding!

I think providing employees a separate restroom is a nice employee perk, but family restrooms are for the benefit of the customers. I wish employees would get that!

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